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"We believe in freedom.

That's why we created Zen Assistant. Because we want to live in a world where people are free to spend more time doing what truly matters to them — whether that’s their best work, surfing a beautiful wave, or spending time with loved ones.  

We currently live in a world where technology was promised to set us free and yet we spend too much of our time hunched over a screen — many of us feeling as if there ought to be something more to life. 

We once heard that “I wish I hadn’t worked so much” is one of the top three regrets of people on their death bed. This sparked something within us and made us think about what the world would look like if we each had someone help us do our work. 

Our mission at Zen Assistant is to handle your busy work, so that you can focus on the work that truly matters and spend the rest of your time actually living your life. 

Work better. Live better."